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-- and told history of the united states. it draws on archival findings and recently declassified documents. it examined everything from the cold war to the fall of communism, continuing through to the obama administration. this is a trailer for the miniseries. >> i want to make it as exciting as it can be. history is an interesting subject. we want to report what actually happened. you cannot just except what is handed down. this is the key to the whole series, is to find out how we got to where we are. it is a great, great story. >> that was the trailer for "the untold history of the united states." it will air on monday evenings at 8:00 p.m. and is available on demand. oliver stone joins us here in new york, and we are joined by his co-author, peter. we welcome you both to "democracy now." oliver stone, you have been working on this for years, and be announced to people. why? >> it was apri big job for need. i have been working on it for four and a half years. i recently discussed wallace and the bomb at one of his glasses and we ended up talking for about an hour, hour-and-a-half. walla
america and the caribbean forced millions of people to leave their homes to migrate to the united states. we will play an excerpt of a conversation that i had with juan as well as the film's co- director. i want to encourage you to call in as we go to clips of the film in the interview because the faster you call in, the more of the interview we can play. the number to call, at the bottom of your screen drought the show, 866-359-4334. 866-359-4334. if you would like to get a copy of this remarkable film that is opening all over the country in march, call in right now and pledged $100. "harvested in higher" is yours. if you pledge $100, you can also get the book of juan gonzalez, which the film is booked on. at holiday time, just a few weeks ago, the curators of the smithsonian recommended reading his book, which is required reading in classrooms across the country. it is an amazing book, "harvest of the entire." if you want to get both, what an incredible educational resource. the book and dvd are yours for contribution of $150. think about that as he watched recall in. let us know you a
by coming to the united states. >> eduardo lopez, you have remarkable footage that has never been seen before in this country throughout. in a moment, we're going to el salvador to talk about what drove a lot of the migration here. where did you get it? >> many, many sources. there's a lot of footage that has never been seen, that hasn't been seen in decades. again, this is a testament to the team that created this. our editor, catherine shields, is amazing. and so is our co-director, peter getzels. i have to say about the dominican republic, i'd like to make a point that one of the main reasons we made this film is to be personified by junot diaz, who is contributing as one of our great american writers. his whole life was changed dramatically by our invasion of the dominican republic in 1965 with 23,000 marines. something that most americans know nothing about because all of this history is never taught in our schools and colleges. so for latinos, whose life is turned upside down by our own government actions and latin america that many times we are unaware of, what happens is there
>> i ask president obama to do the right thing. the united states must renounce its which hunt against wikileaks. the united states must dissolve its fbi investigation. >> as julian assange remains holed up in the ecuadorean embassy in london, we look at a new documentary called "we steal secrets: the story of wikileaks ." today, academy award winning filmmaker alex gibney, and jennifer robinson, legal counsel to assange. >> the laws cannot protect us. >> the new documentary examines how millions have died from aids because big pharmaceutical companies and the united states refused to allow developing nations to import life-saving generic drugs. we speak with the film's director and and a doctor, peter mugyenyi, who was arrested trying to import generic drugs into the gondola. -- uganda. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the obama administration has again delayed its decision on the keystone xl will pipeline, now saying it will not come before march. president obama initially sidestepped the issue in 2011 by putting it off unti
for nearly six months. we spoke about the united states targeting of wikileaks, of his new book. i interviewed julian assange. we began by asking him about the european commission decision that the credit card company be said did not break the european union's antitrust rule by blocking donations to wikileaks. >> the decision is disgraceful, but it is only a preliminary decision. hopefully, they will turn around before the end of the year. the commission had been investigating our plans for 16 months. the normal turnaround time is 14 months. the european parliament last week voted through an article 32, a section on how banks should be reformed, credit card companies performed, in order to start a conditional financial blockade, such as the one being applied. all 47 ministers last year passed a resolution saying these sorts of arbitrary financial blockade on wikileaks should not continue. it is interesting to see what is happening in the political world in europe, on the one hand, the parliament, and on the other hand, the commission. it has been known for a long time, the commissi
five of australia's six states. meanwhile, the united states records its hottest year ever. we will go to australia for report. three men of somali descent are arraigned in new york. president obama continues the controversial practice of rendition, secretly detaining, transporting, and holding prisoners overseas. part two of our exclusive interview with sami al-hajj, the of jazeera journalist imprisoned and tortured at guantanamo for six years. >> when i was in guantanamo, i asked myself maybe it is a good chance for me to be a journalist in guantanamo to be a witness. [indiscernible] >> we speak with the al jazeera journalist at al jazeera headquarters in doha, qatar. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. new figures have confirmed 2012 was the hottest year on record for the continental united states. on tuesday, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration announced an average temperature for 2012 of 55.3 degrees, one degree above the previous record and 3.2 degrees more than the 20th century ave
swear. >> i do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. g> four years after making history by becoming the first african-american president, barack obama kicks off the second term on martin luther king day. today and inauguration day special. we will air highlights from last ides' peace ball including naacp president benjamin jealous. >> the challenge for our country is never to see the day when a person of color would be president, nor the challenge for our country was to ensure that it would be safe for it to have -- happen again and again. >> we'll also hear from the legendary poet son the sanchez, ralph nader, sweet honey and the rock, and angela davis. >> let me say this time around we cannot subordinate our aspirations and our hopes to presidential agenda. >> we will look at big money behind the inauguration. four years ago president obama refused to accept corporate donations, but this year exxonmobil, at&t, christoph are among the biggest backers of today's festivities. -- microsoft are among the biggest backers of today's
on tackling gun violence in the united states. in a welcome message to his guests, biden vowed president obama would take meaningful action through executive order if need be. >> we are here today to deal with the problem that requires immediate action, urgent action. the president and i are determined to take action. this is not an exercise in a photo opportunity just ask you what your opinions are. we're reaching out to all parties on whatever side of this debate you fall. but the president is going to act. there are executive orders, executive action that can be taken. we have not decided what that is yet, that we are compiling it with the help of the attorney general and the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action we believe is required. >> vice president said to me today with representatives of the national rifle association as well as gun retailers, including walmart. new york governor andrew cuomo has unveiled what he's billed as the toughest gun control legislation in the country in the aftermath of last month's newtown massacre in neighboring connecticut. in an impas
held as the toughest gun control law in the united states and the first since the massacre in newtown. assembly members are expected to vote on the legislative package today after it has the new york senate late monday. the proposal would expand new york's ban on assault weapons and authorize law enforcement to confiscate guns from mental health patients if a professional reports -- if a professional reports they're likely to hurt themselves or others. on monday, a group of parents of newtown victims and surviving students unveiled a new initiative to tackle gun violence and mental illness in the u.s. two grieving parents as well as the group's co-founder described the sandy hook promise as an effort to spark a national conversation on how to prevent future tragedies. >> i do not want to be someone sharing my experience and consoling another parent next time. i do not want there to be a next time. the sandy hook promise is the start of our change. >> we need to face and take action on hard issues. there is not going to be one simple solution. but we feel is essential to get a deeper u
served as chief operating officer of citigroup's alternative investments unit -- a group that bet on the housing market to collapse. lew has long pushed for the deregulation of wall street. from 1998 to january 2001 he headed the office of management and budget under president clinton. during that time, clinton signed into law two key laws to deregulate wall street -- the financial services modernization act of 1999 and the commodity futures monitored his asian act of 2000. on thursday, independent senator of vermont bernie sanders criticized the nomination saying -- at a press conference at the white house thursday, president obama praised the record of jack lew. >> jack has the distinction of having worked and succeeded in some of the toughest jobs in washington and private-sector. as a congressional staffer in the 1980's, he helped negotiate the deal between president reagan and tip o'neill to save social security. and president clinton, he presided over three budget surpluses in a row. so for all the talk out there about deficit-reduction, making sure our books are balanced, t
. the united nations says more than 60,000 people have died in syria over nearly two years of fighting between the government forces and rebels opposed to president bashar al-assad. a new analysis of the toll conducted for the u.n. human rights office took five months to complete using data from seven sources, including the syrian government. the number is higher than the previous estimate of 45,000 reported by the british best based syrian observatory for human rights. rupert colville, spokesperson for u.n. human rights commissioner navi pillay, discussed the syrian crisis on al jazeera wednesday. >> it became so complicated. there were so many different people reporting casualties, so many different places where violence and fighting was going on simultaneously. and no way really of verifying each and every case. so it has been a very difficult issue. but this is a real attempt to do exhaustive analysis of the information we do have. it should be treated as an indicative number, not as a real number, but we believe is probably the minimum. >> violence in syria is continuing to claim scores o
're getting united and saying we are going to do this. from the political side, we elected these people. we had a huge turnout in arizona, a door-to-door -- the turnout was more than ever before. not only is it from the after the side of having these visuals, but it is from the organizing side that we have the vote as well. >> thank you all for being with us from phoenix grid jose, especially, you are 11 years old, that you fought so hard for your dad to be freed, senior on all of the television networks, you are very great -- seeing you on all of the television networks, you are very brave. thank you so much for being with us. we will continue this discussion about immigration when we come back. stay with us. ♪ [music break] >> this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman with juan gonzalez. we continue to look at immigration now, as we turn to news this week that president obama will kick off a second term with a major push for comprehensive immigration reform. obama made the announcement during a speech tuesday in nevada, a battleground states w
and bestselling author of a number of books. just a few months ago, the doctor came to the united states to deliver the address entitled beyond the hungry ghosts in politics, how self awareness within support progress without. it was a fund-raiser for kpffa in berkeley. >> we live in difficult times. we face somebody from the raiders station on sunday, and they pointed out, we live in a time in the united states and in canada where the alternatives are not too attractive, where the out right right wing denies global warming climate change, which puts our -- power into the hands even more of the powerful, depriving those that do not have the little they have, wishes to deny reality in a number of ways, and where, at least from my perspective on the other side, you have better sounding and sometimes sincere rhetoric. when it comes to action, it does not seem to make a whole lot of difference. there is certainly a climate, at least amongst my generation, as far as i can gather, that which came in to political consciousness in the 1960's, a sense of disillusionment, lost opportunities
evidence that manning carefully selected documents he knew would not harm the united states. manning has previously offered to plead guilty to releasing documents if the government drops its most serious charges, including aiding the enemy. also on wednesday, defense attorneys tried to argue for the case's dismissal on the grounds manning has been denied the right to a speedy trial. by the time his trial begins in june, manning will have been in detention for 1101 days, nearly 10 times the maximum allowed by military rules between arrest and trial. a group of foreign and algerian workers have been taken hostage in algeria in what their kidnappers call retaliation for the french bombing of mali. the standoff is being described as one of the biggest international hostage crisis is in several decades. in washington, state department spokesperson victoria nuland confirmed americans are among the group. >> the best information that we have at this time is that u.s. citizens are among the hostages. i hope you'll understand that in order to protect their safety, i am not going to get into numbe
brennan publicly confirmed the united states has used drones to conduct targeted killings overseas. >> president obama believes if done carefully, deliberately, and responsibly, we can be more transparent and still ensure our nation's security. let me say it as simply as i can. yes, in full accordance with the law and order to prevent terrorist attacks on the united states and to save american lives, the united states government conducts targeted strikes against specific al qaeda terrorists, sometimes using remotely piloted aircraft often referred to publicly as drones. i am here today because president obama has instructed us to be more open with the american people about these efforts. >> that is john brennan who president obama has said will be nominating to be head of the ca. marcy wheeler, your comments? >> what your leaders -- lister should know, john brennan has lied explicitly about drones in the past. he basically said there had been no casualties at all from drones. when he makes public statements, he had a famous press conference right after the killing of osama bin lade
system. in the united states, the concern we have about the public health system is that we have the adequate infrastructure and support for the government aspects of public health that protect us, keep our water supplies safe, that protect us against outbreaks of new infections or new diseases, that assure that we have the best policies to protect the public health at the state and local level as well as the federal level, that we pay enough attention to that infrastructure that we can protect ourselves as a society. but for public health officials, health is no longer just a local or national concern, it has global dimensions. james curran: well, you know, certainly during my lifetime, the world has shrunken. i guess it's the same size as it's always been, but the airplanes take us as well as microbes and organisms and animals rapidly between countries and between continents. this is not the "guns, germs, and steel" environment of-- represented in the book, but rather it's an environment where there's very rapid transmission of ideas, of concepts, and of risks. for example, if
terrorist attacks on the u.s. and save american lives, the united states government conducts targeted strikes against specific al qaeda terrorists, sometimes using remotely piloted aircraft often referred to publicly as drones. >> president obama prepares to nominate john brennan to head the cia. that the assassination czar, brennan has played a key role backing some of the most controversial post 9-eleven policies from the secret drone war to extraordinary rendition to wireless surveillance. we will look it the nomination for republican senator chuck hagel, fellow republicans have criticized him for views on iraq, iran, and israel. then, the steubenville rape case in ohio. >> we are anonymous. around mid august 2012, a party to present a small town in ohio known as steubenville. [indiscernible] kidnapping and rape of a 15- year-old girl. >> the hacker activist group anonymous has helped expose new details about a horrific high school gang rape case involving football players in ohio. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report.
where the united states is not at war, if you look at the way the obama administration essentially boxed congress out of any effective oversight role of the covert aspect of u.s. foreign policy, what we really have is a president who has normalized for many, net -- many liberals, the policies they once opposed under the bush and ministration. this has been a war presidency. yesterday as president obama talked about how we don't need a state of perpetual war, multiple u.s. drone strikes in yemen, a country we are not at war with, where the u.s. has killed a tremendous number of civilians. to make, most disturbing about this is john brennan, who really was the architect of this drone program and expansion of the drone program, these guys are sitting around on tuesdays at the white house come on terror tuesday, discussing who was going to live and die across the world. >> what do you mean terror tuesday meetings? >> that is what is referred to. senior white house official said they internally refer to them as terror tuesdays, when they go over the list of potential targets. there on basebal
of captives were reportedly freed in the offensive. the united states, britain, and japan were not warned of the algerian attack, even though their citizens were among those captured. britain said friday the operation in algeria is still ongoing and reiterated an earlier claim by prime minister david cameron that the news may be dire. cameron made the remarks late thursday. >> we face a very bad situation at this bp gas compound in ontario. a number of british citizens have been taken hostage. we already know of one who has died. the algerian armed forces have attacked this compound. it is a very dangerous, very uncertain, a very fluid situation. i think we have to prepare ourselves for the possibility of bad news ahead. >> we will have more on developments in algeria and mali after the headlines. >> the united states ramped up its involvement in mali's conflict thursday amid the hostage crisis. crafting plans to use its cargo planes for shuttling french troops and equipment. regional forces from west africa are turning the armed conflict against rebels who have occupied much of mali's no
to hit the country -- the country over a 10-day period. last month the united states admitted for the first time it carried out a september attack in radda after the yemeni government initially tried to claim credit. according to "the washington post," militants in surrounding areas have gained more recruits for their fight against the u.s. backed yemeni government since that attack occurred. in southern iraq, a suicide bomber has killed at least 27 shiites and wounded dozens of others at a bus station. authorities say the bomber drove into the crowded station as pilgrims returned from a religious event. venezuela has released new informaon on the medical status of president hugo chavez, raising concerns about his health after a recent cancer surgery in cuba. ernesto villegas made remarks thursday. >> commandant a chavez has faced a severe lung infection. it causes breathing in sufficiency ever -- that causes him to comply with severe medical treatment. >> a pakistani schoolgirl who has been shot in the head by the taliban has been released from a hospital in britain. malala y
and foreign policy of the united states and the interest of justice, i hereby order. >> four years after a bound to close guantanamo, president obama signs the national defense authorization act barring use of federal funds to transfer guantanamo prisoners to u.s. soil. 166 prisoners remain in guantanamo, which opened 11 years ago this week. 86 of them have been cleared for release. today we look at the case of one man, al jazeera's sami al-hajj, the only journalist held at guantanamo. held by the u.s. military for more than six years without charge, sami al-hajj was reportedly tortured repeatedly tortured, attack by dogs, hung from the ceiling. in january 2007, he began a hunger strike that lasted 438 days until his release. >> i go on hunger strike for many reasons. we are held in guantanamo without charge, without cause. they did not give us a chance to go to court about our case. >> today, a "democracy now!" exclusive, an extended broadcast interview with sami al-hajj from the headquarters of al jazeera in doha. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!," democracynow.o
kilometers per hour. so i'd make it 100 units long. and let's suppose i'm going into a headwind, and the wind is coming toward me at 20. well, i can go like this, see, make an arrow 20. when i combine these things, my ground speed's gonna be what? this, take away this, that's gonna be that much shorter, sort of like that, you know? and if you're going-- again, and this time, the wind is coming behind you, a tailwind. and you're going, again, 100 with respect to this still area. and then if you got say, a 20 coming behind you, those two things combine to be what? you're going faster. do you need vectors to explain this idea, that if the wind is behind you, you go faster, and if the wind is in front of you, you go slower? answer begins with the n. no, you don't be needing vectors. but i'll tell you where the vectors do come in handy. like, you got a crosswind, okay? let's suppose you're flying like this, and let's suppose the wind is a crosswind coming like this, just as fast as you're going. let's suppose you're going 100 kilometers per hour, and you're in a hurricane. and a hurricane is comin
who threw stones following awad's funeral. at the united nations, a spokesperson reaffirmed u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon's view that israeli settlements are illegal and called for an end to their expansion. >> he knows the israeli settlements in the west bank are illegal under international law. secretary general repeated his call that any such settlement plans for e1 must be rescinded. >> interior secretary ken salazar is reportedly stepping down rather than stay on for president of bennis second term. he is said to have made plans to leave obama's cabinet by the end of march. democratic governor martin o'malley of maryland is preparing to unveil a measure that would ban the death penalty in his state. o'malley made the announcement in an appearance with leaders of the naacp. >> the death penalty is expensive and it does not work. and for that reason alone, i believe we should stop doing it. [applause] this week, once again, i will be filing legislation to repeal the death penalty in maryland. >> if the ban is approved, maryland would become the 18th state to abolish ca
miles per hour. 100 miles for 2 hours or 50 miles per hour. right? can you do metric units? let's suppose i go 60 kilometers and it takes me 1 hour. what's my speed? what is it, gang? 60 kilometers per hour. okay? so speed is simply distance over time. we make a distinction between speed and velocity. not gonna knock you to death, but the idea is this: to say that you know your velocity is to say you know something else besides how fast you go. you know what it is? direction. which direction you go. like an airplane pilot says, "my velocity is so many kilometers per hour north." speed plus direction. so to say something is moving with a constant velocity is to say something is moving with a speedometer reading staying the same but also the compass reading staying the same. so velocity is speed but with direction implied or specified. so the symbol for speed will be the symbol for velocity, and it's v. v, velocity. so i can put this in shorthand notation and come up with our first little equation. and that's v equals d, for distance, divided by time. this is a shorthand way of sa
in the united states, as well as a guest worker program for low-wage immigrant workers. a bipartisan group of senators is working on a comprehensive bill that could be introduced as early as march. the administration is backing eventual citizenship after deporting more than 400,000 undocumented people in the 2012 fiscal year, the largest number in u.s. history. a number of civilians have been killed in an explosion that followed a u.s.-led nato raid in afghanistan. the victims reportedly died as they tried to collect the bodies of taliban fighters who have been killed in a firefight with u.s. troops around a mosque. it is not clear what caused the explosion as the fighters had already been shot dead when the blast occurred. estimates of the civilian death toll stand between seven and 16. the latest violence comes days after president obama announced plans to speed up the transfer of formal military control to afghan forces. appearing with afghan president karzai at the white house friday, obama said a transition to afghan military leadership of combat missions will take place in the spring
in ancient egypt, when the to the chips were united thousands of years before. she remembers lives in west africa. she remembers all of this and she tells it to her grandson who wants to be a writer. they have a special relationship. she swears in the secrecy that he tell no one that she has these memories were people think she is a bit fruity, as she says. but she remembers these lives in extraordinary detail. and he is inspired by it. he gained his confidence from it. and this is, of course, to symbolize the enormous consequence. sometimes we think of slavery, we calculate the economic consequence of the. but we have not calculated the psychosocial consequence of it, unless we factor in the loss of memory, which was occasioned by deliberate and systematic program imposed from those -- by those who controlled us. >> this young man you write about, gray, your protagonist, doesn't expect much of his older brother, outside of anything conventional. and yet when they're walking down the street one day in richmond, virginia, at the time of the first lunch counter sit ins, it's his older brothe
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 62 (some duplicates have been removed)